SMART bottles prove ideal for many applications

Smart packaging is well designed to be highly functional. Consumers want handy-sized packaging that is quick and easy to use, whilst brands look for iconic styling which catches attention, yet is easy to fill and label.

Rebhan's SMART bottle is the epitome of smart packaging.

With an uncomplicated, streamlined look, the flat-shaped SMART bottle has gently a gently curved base and shoulders, bearing a resemblance to a smartphone. The bottle is currently available in a 50ml format which slips comfortably into a pocket for hand sanitizer gel or on-the-go personal care and beauty products.

The bottle benefits from a large frontal area which can be labelled or decorated to highlight the content within. It also benefits from a standard 20/410 neck size which makes it compatible with various closures offered by other companies in Certina Packaging as well as practical for filling.

SMART bottle specifications

  • Small, pocket-sized 50ml volume
  • Modern solution for on-the-go personal care
  • Avante-Garde shape
  • Roomy area for label or decoration
  • Truly easy to fill

The 50ml capacity bottle is the first bottle to be launched onto the market from Rebhan's SMART bottle line. As consumers are more hygiene-conscious than ever before, this volume has been designed with the consumer's comfort in mind as an easy way to keep personal care products handy.

Further bottles will be added into the SMART bottle series, opening up the line to many other beauty and OTC skincare applications.

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