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Certina Packaging shares its Christmas spirit with charities across Europe

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Christmas is a time for giving and helping those who are less fortunate or in difficult situations. This year, the companies which comprise Certina Packaging have made many donations to a range of charities in their local areas. 

Rebhan FPS Kunstoffverpackungen has donated to Lebenshilfe Kronach, located in its historical neighbouring town to the south of the plant. Founded in 1968, Lebenshilfe Kronach supports children with disabilities along with their families, helping them to be as independent as possible. Money donated is used to maintain the different support centres offered by the association, and Rebhan's donation is going to buy a new ball pool for children in the early-development initiative.

Rebhan Opakowania has given its donation to the Poznan Foundation for Children with Cancer (Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom z Chorobami Nowotworowymi). For 30 years the charity has been raising funds for specialist assistance in the treatment of childhood cancer, offering valuable support. Rebhan's donation will be used to buy medication that is not reimbursed by the national health fund. Since the foundation was set up, almost 40 million PLN has been used towards medication and specialist support help reduce the suffering by children with cancer.

Qualiform has donated to Oyo Pour Tous, a charity which supports different social and environmental projects. Qualiform has made a donation on behalf of each of its clients which will enable the association to plant more than 100 trees.

HK Cosmetic Packaging's donation has been given to the Bayrisch Red Cross for its Aktion Trösterteddy campaign which presents soft, cuddly teddy bears to sick and injured children.


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