Switch out cosmetic applicators for versatile beauty solutions

  • Cherng Mei

Cherng Mei has added new products to its cosmetics solutions catalog for 2022 that are completely versatile. Switch out the applicators so one petite cosmetic bottle can be either an eyeliner, lip gloss, or mascara pack.

With a PETG bottle and an AS + ABS cap, the new versatile solutions range in volume from 4ml to 10ml.

Brands can choose a clear bottle so consumers can admire the colors of the lip gloss or eyeliner. For mascara, brands might choose an opaque black bottle instead.

Various fun colors are available for the easy-to-grip caps. Finish the pack off with whatever cosmetic applicator works the best for your beauty product.

The collection of Cherng Mei solutions is expansive and continues to grow, view the full catalog here.

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