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    Sephora adopts Cosmogen's dropper for its Super Regenerating Oil-serum

    • Cosmogen
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    Sephora has entrusted the design of the packaging of its Super Regenerating Oil-serum* to Cosmogen. The choice of Cosmogen's dropper fits the "oil" texture of this anti-aging serum that nourishes, repairs and regenerates skin. The push button allows the dropper to easily acquire the formula, while the dip tube allows accurate application.

    The choice of a bottle and a dip tube made of borosilicate glass enhances the quality of the product in addition to preserving the formula. In Sephora's same care line, Cosmogen has already designed the Serum roll-on lift pack, adapting Squeeze'n Roll.
    * Ingredients: tiger nut oil, essential fatty acids, collagen-friendly peptide booster, seaweed extract.
    Dropper technical specifications:
    Capacity: 30 ml
    Bottle: Borosilicate Glass
    Cap: PP
    Dropper: ABS
    Dip tube: Borosilicate Glass
    Teat: Silicone
    Decoration: Purple gradient requiring two successive operations of lacquering; white silkscreen

    Cosmogen is a French company created by Gerard Gieux its major shareholder in 1982. As a pioneer in the design and production of brushes, accessories and packaging for the cosmetics industry, Cosmogen has a great expertise in developing application solutions for makeup, cosmetics powders and fluids. The specificity of its products lies in their multiple functions: hold, apply, and care.

    With integrated design offices in France and China, Cosmogen adopts an innovative approach and offers standard or customized solutions to its customers. The company has experienced a continuing evolution of its turnover.

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    The new patented self-heating tube from Cosmogen has been designed to enhance the efficiency and comfort of cosmetic formulas when applying. The concept is simple - a tube within a tube. The inner tube is filled with a safe sodium acetate solution and then hermetically sealed. The outer tube is filled with the formula. Just break the seal to start the warming. Cosmogen's self-heating tube is perfect for facial formulas like masks, body oil and anti-wrinkle eye treatments as it adds an extra soothing experience to formulae.

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