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McCormick and Enercon Industries work together to add a hermetic seal to glass containers

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A major manufacturer of spices, herbs and flavourings has moved to induction cap sealing to improve the preservation of its products.

McCormick, a Fortune 1000 company, now seals some of its biggest brands – Schwartz, Vahiné and Ducros – with Enercon’s induction sealing technology.

Jean-Michel Allier, Engineering Project Manager at McCormick France said:

“Our products were initially sealed with a tamper sleeve. We moved to an induction sealed foil to improve the shelf life of our products – the colours and aromas are preserved by the foil seal.”

Speaking about the importance of a hermetically sealed product, Mr Allier said:

“As our merchandise is a consumer product, it is critical that the containers are sealed. The sealed cap guarantees that the flavour of our product is preserved.”

McCormick packages its products into glass containers – a material that can be difficult to seal. But thanks to Enercon’s advanced sealing equipment, a solution was found.

Speaking about Enercon, Mr Allier said:

“The company was proactive throughout this development. Enercon agreed to perform many tests and has developed specific sealing heads for our glass bottles. I strongly recommend Enercon.”

For more information about McCormick, click here. For more information about Enercon Industries’ sealing solutions, please visit this page.

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