Giflor's Carbon Black Free resin enables recycling

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At Giflor, we never stop researching and testing. We love design, and we love playing with colors. Above all, we love researching the best-in-class materials and technologies as we constantly explore new frontiers to support and develop a Green Culture across the Packaging industry and fulfil Giflor's primary commitment to sustainability.

Why Carbon Black Free?

Black plastic packaging poses a great challenge for the recycling process. This is because the presence of carbon black inside black packaging does not allow the correct sorting of black parts inside recycling facilities.

As a matter of fact, the near infra-red sensors (NIR) used to detect the material at the sorting stage are unable to correctly identify plastics containing carbon black and therefore black plastic containers and closures are often recycled into low-value materials, eventually burned, or sent to landfill.

A second life for Black Plastics

Giflor’s Carbon Black Free (CBF) resin is the latest response to this challenging issue.

The recent development of this special material by Giflor's Lab enables black closures manufactured with "CBF" additives to be fully integrated into the recycling value chain, thus making the correct sorting of black parts possible so that they can be recycled for a 'second life'.

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