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Green is the goal for Giflor in 2020

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Green: This is the goal set by Giflor Closure Technologies, the company located in Grumolo delle Abbadesse that has been an international leader in the production of plastic closure systems for over 40 years.

Despite the countless challenges presented in the global market during 2020, Giflor has decided to further intensify its efforts from an environmental point of view, just as the slogan chosen by the company indicates, "2020: two times green". It testifies that this will be a decisive year for the sustainability challenge, a challenge that Giflor has been at the forefront of for some years now.

An alliance for sustainability

Continuing their efforts in sustainability, the big news in these first months of 2020 is the partnership between Giflor and the Slovenian group Sibo, which will lead to technological and environmental advances as they work together to create innovative designs that facilitate the plastic recycling process as much as possible.

"Through this model of synergy and thanks to the resilience of our organisation we want to offer the market original solutions that add value to the everyday life of people (#Gifloralwayswithyou) and create brand recognition worldwide; for this reason, we are rethinking the way we design products and choose materials, drawing on transversal, 'out of the box' inspiration. Plastic is not negative in itself, it is the way we use it that needs to be reconsidered, as well as the management of its end of life."

Bioplastics and recycling

Giflor's Green commitment naturally pays careful attention both to recycling and the use of second-generation materials. In this regard, one highlight is the development of PCR (Post Consumer Resin), a 100% recycled material that complies with REACH standards, in which the Giflor Lab (the company's R&D department, led by Paolo Lobba) continues to invest resources.  During the last few months, in particular, the line of PCR caps has undergone a significant evolution both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

This is an extraordinary result from a product-development point of view, which underlines how plastic with a second life can no longer be considered a "second choice", but can, on the contrary, now compete in certain uses with lower criticality on a par with virgin material solutions, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also in terms of performance.

Alongside PCR, Giflor has also invested resources in the development of vegetable PE, a material of non-fossil, biological origin derived from sugar cane residues, which represents a further alternative to "traditional" plastics and has a complete range of validations.

Virtuous production cycles

Finally, the green philosophy adopted by Giflor is also applied within the production process, in particular, through the new management of the cooling process and the adoption of new electrical and hybrid machines, which increase the stability and efficiency of the production cycles and, at the same time, significantly reduce the energy consumption and the C02 emissions.


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