Jiann Gwo, Asia's specialist in full-service plastic packaging solutions, has just released a new line of AS jars for creams, gels, and other personal care items. Featuring a look reminiscent of retro-futuristic design (think of the aesthetic of "Space:1999"), the jars manage to create an elegant and contemporary look perfect for upscale items.

The company's design team have created the jars out of AS plastic, meaning they offer intense and vibrant shades when coloured or simple brilliance when left transparent. They are also intensely SAesilient, though lighter in weight than comparable jars made of other plastics.  Available in sizes ranging from 5ml all the way up through 500ml, the interesting design choice ensures the jars are eye-catchers on the shelf and in the home.

Full item/size list:

  • V-387: 5ml
  • V-388: 10ml
  • V-393: 120ml
  • V-394: 150ml
  • V-395: 180ml
  • V-396: 250ml
  • V-397: 500ml 
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