ROLL-ON Bottle Packaging Anatomy

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Precision is a quality obtained by the attention to every single detail in every step of manufacturing, and by that, KAJ Packaging Solutions are able to deliver reliable products fulfilling every expectation. It is especially important in the case of ROLL-ON packaging in regard to their tightness.

KAJ's ROLL-ONs are made of three parts: bottle, fitment with a ball, and a cap. Every one of these elements plays a role in keeping the whole package hermetic.

The bottle is the base of the ROLL-ON. It’s shape and design determines not only its capacity but the way a final product is also presented. It is here where the creation of the brand begins.

Fitment plays a double role here: it’s the very first element of tightness but it also keeps the ball in place. The ball on its own is a liquid applicator and another level of keeping it tight or loose.

Closure in the form of a cap is the last part. Tightening it with a precisely manufactured seal keeps the ball in place and stops the content dosing. Tightness appears below the closure level of the bottle, making it finally leak-proof.

To meet every expectation and deliver functional, high-precision manufactured packaging, KAJ Packaging Solution pays attention to the quality of every one of mentioned elements. See the projects in the KAJ Configurator.

When conducting tightness test, remember about every step of the preparation process: fill the bottle with dedicated liquid, mount up the ball and tighten the cap. That way prepared package can be put inside vacuum chamber, commonly used in tightness tests.

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