World's Promo: The Lightweight, Versatile and Professional Roll On Bottle

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KAJ Packaging is a specialist in the design and production of roll-on bottles, creating versatile packs for a wide range of markets, which includes: cosmetics, health and personal care.

One of its state-of-the-art designs is the B02L, which provides brands with vast spacing for impactful decoration along with the possibility of customizing each component such as cap, ball and bottle, in order to distinguish your product further on the shelf.

Minimalistic and straight-lined design, gives products a top-notch look, which perfectly fits both pharmacies and supermarkets.

The B02L is the contemporaneous evolution of the well-known classic B002 model, which has undergone a round of upgrades in order to reduce the amount of plastic usage. Reducing plastic usage works to create both an equal lightweight and reliable roll-on solution.

For a lot of brands, having a more lightweight model of packaging which has less plastic can be extremely beneficial due to cost-effectiveness. Moreover, it is one more solid step towards lowering carbon emissions.


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We are proud to announce that we have developed a brand new, lightweight version of our 1,40” standard ball.  This is yet another pro-ecological action at KAJ  that gives us an opportunity to reduce the amount of material which is currently presented on the market and behind it will reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Implementing this new version as our new standard is a huge step towards more reliable sustainability, which we, along with our partners always considered as something more, than just another target to be marked off from our to-do list.

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