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Lumson is proud to launch ONE o ONE into the realm of the Airless world, a new generation of Airless with a piston-system.

One O One was born as an answer to the new needs of the market which is seeing the appearance of new active ingredients and customized, compounded formulas with reduced preservative use to guarantee purity.

Conceived and created by Lumson’s Research and Development team, this new range guarantees innovative characteristics and the performance that the cosmetic market needs: increased compatibility of materials, a pump with excellent vacuum-seal performance, a precise dosage of 230mcl, no external air contamination, and an optimal restitution rate of > 95%.

One O One is ideal for every type of product and is able to dispense even the most high-viscosity formulations thanks to the materials that compose its airless pump. One O One is now available in 15, 30 and 50ml sizes and is made with the brand-new Purity pump, distinguishable due to its metal-free engine.

This is all Made by Lumson and always Made in Italy.

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