"Level up" your products with metal accessories!

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Metal is a material that conveys a feeling of sturdiness, reliability, and competence. When it is used in packaging, it immediately elevates the product to another level of quality. The heft and cool feel of metal is something that consumers generally associate with luxury and upscale items.

Magnetic Packaging provides some of the best cosmetic and personal care concepts on the market. The company has the ability to combine components with a wide array of aluminum pieces to create totally unique solutions. Magnetic has been creating aluminum components for over two decades, from fully metallized samplers and sprayers to fine details on packaging components like collars and spray heads on cosmetic, fragrance, and skin care items.

The company's use of metal developed naturally as part of its know-how with regard to the crafting of travel sprayers and fine mist dispensing concepts. Magnetic's ability to include aluminum accessories and parts on its packaging has garnered various international projects as well as a reputation firmly rooted in excellence.

Aluminum components are not only a simple way to "level up" products, they're also easy to decorate and customize for just the right look and feel. Magnetic can apply a number of decoration options to aluminum, including:

  • Hot stamping
  • Silk screen printing
  • Pattern stamping
  • Anodizing
  • Double anodizing
  • Spray painting
  • Dye diffusion
  • Heat transfers
  • Color stickers
  • Laser engraving

The benefits of using metal as a primary material are many, and Magnetic ensures customers the best results possible through special shape development for runs, customized anodized colors to match specific branding, and flexible production quantities. Magnetic Packaging is known for its strict quality control procedures on each production batch and has been certified according to international standards by authorized organizations, including strict, periodic audits.

No matter what sort of packaging is being considered for a project, Magnetic Packaging can take something common and make it extraordinary through the addition of metal components!

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