Turn Over a Green Leaf with Magnetic's Eco-Friendly Plastic Pumps

Magnetic Packaging has worked hard to be able to assist its customers, helping them implement more sustainable options into their business value chains to create a better future for everyone. Among its strategies, the company targets carbon reduction, environmental protection, recycling, and circular business models.

Eco-Friendly Plastic Pumps

In order to contribute to this fundamental change in the economy, Magnetic develops high-quality sustainable solutions such as its Eco-Friendly Plastic Pumps. Made of 97% PP and 3% PE, the pump is fully recyclable without separating the materials. Output dosage is 0.2cc and neck size is 24/410. The dispensing closure can be applied to all types of lotion pumps, making it an ideal solution for skincare and personal care products.

The pump has been designed with a knob-type safety lock for consumer convenience, providing patented protection for the product inside. As for brands, Magnetic provides custom and unique decoration services that lead to a beautiful personalization to catch every eye on the market.

Interested in more? Please contact Magentic now and learn how you can become more sustainable too.

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