Freshen Up with Magnetic's Multi-Dose Mist Spray Pump

The selection of a good pump for spray angle or multi-dosage mist spray will be reflected in the consumer's user experience and will affect whether they continue to purchase the product or not. This, in turn, translates into brand loyalty and an enhanced perceived value of the product itself, which is precisely why Magnetic Packaging pays special attention to each and every one of its pumps.

The structure of a pump is like the heart in a nervous system—it's a complex and essential device. Once it fails, the entire bottle will stop working. To ensure that each and every spray is finely and continuously delivered in every pump, from the initial use of the bottle until the contents are depleted, Magnetic Packaging adopts state-of-the-art production techniques and ensures rigorous quality control at every stage. Each part of the final product must pass 13 appearance and quality inspections, as well as 12 functional tests, to ensure that the company delivers only the best pumps to customers.

Freshen Up with Magnetics Multi-Dosage Mist Spray Pump

The new MT05 Fresh Mist Spray is a perfect example: an ergonomic design for easy dispensing with a gentle and reliable trigger, with a metal-free spring that prevents product contamination or oxidation, a 24/410 neck that easily adapts to a large variety of bottles, and offering 2 different dosages as well as a lock system to prevent spilling.

Want to learn more? Contact Magnetic now and find how the MT05 can enhance your personal care products and formulas in the market.

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