The Ultimate Ecofriendly Pump: PCR, No Metal Spring, Leak-Proof

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There are many kinds of dispensing solutions for the cleaning, cosmetic, and personal care market. Traditionally made of plastic, pumps and sprays have always used a metal spring to be able to accurately dispense products by using only a slight amount of pressure.

Today, recycling has become the norm across the globe, yet people remain unaware of how difficult it is to properly dispose of their plastic pumps. By not realizing those little metal springs disrupt the sorting process at recycling facilities, pumps have become an unintentional polluter.

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Pump

Considering the habits of users and the difficulty they have recycling pumps, Magnetic Packaging has developed a convenient and environmentally friendly lotion pump that removed the metal spring to be easy to recycle and is made of post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). The pump can be easily paired with both a PP bottle or PCR bottle to have excellent chemical resistance and be completely recyclable.

Because of its acid and alkali resistance, it is a perfect solution for lotions, cosmetics, essential oils, medicine, sanitizers, food sauces, and even vegetable oils. The lack of contact with metal during dispensing also means there are no chemical reactions with the product, enhancing its shelf-life and ensuring treatments work as intended.

Its smart locking mechanism also prevents leakage, further preventing contamination and product wastage, making this the ultimate solution for both brands and users: made of recycled materials, easily recyclable, leak-proof, and it protects formulas from all forms of foreign contamination.

Want to learn more? Contact us now and find out how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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