Gentle, Clean, Smooth: Magnetic's Oil Dispensing Pump

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Magnetic Packaging's oil cleanser dispensing pump offers a practical and consumer-friendly solution for the beauty industry. Sporting a universally compatible 24/410 neck, it seamlessly fits with most lotion bottles available, offering brands an easy and cost-effective solution for their packaging needs.

Catering to individual brand requirements, Magnetic also provides customization options, with three distinct types of actuators to choose from. Companies have the flexibility to tailor their product's dispensing experience to their unique needs, ensuring a perfect match with their product and brand identity.

Gentle, Clean, Smooth: Magnetics Oil Dispensing Pump

But the pump is mostly consumer-focused, aiming to deliver a premium product experience. The oil cleanser pump comes equipped with a secure locking mechanism, preventing unintended spills or leaks during transportation or daily use. Helping brands and users achieve their sustainability goals, the pump is entirely metal-free, ensuring convenient recycling while minimizing environmental impact.

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