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    MakeUp in

    MakeUp in

    MakeUp in…™ events are business to business to events. Gathering the industry with contract manufacturers, suppliers and creatives exhibiting at the show, and brands, distributors, marketers, purchasers and make-up artists visiting. Everything from formula to packaging and full service, with ingredients and accessories suppliers.


    The make-up market remains the most dynamic in the «Beauty» sector worldwide.

    Creativity, trends and innovations are never lagging behind and are the cutting-edge of make-up brands in the world.



    Manufacturers of Ingredients, formulation, packaging, full-service, accessories but also make-up artists, make-up schools, brands and distribution are the key players of the make-up universe.



    Opportunities offers, exchanges, activities, challenges, issues, trends, BtoB events, and knowledge, prescribers, networking… are the added values of the BtoB “MakeUp in… ™ events”.

    “Make-up”, a world of its own within the Beauty, where suppliers and brands come together in the heart of mythical cities, open to the world, dynamics and trend setters are giving rise to BtoB events ultra-targeted, mainly professionals on a human scale and in a singular setting.

    Professionals from around the world are gathering each year in Paris, New-York, Seoul, Shanghai, Sao Paolo and New York for a time of sharing on a unique product: the make-up.

    From the upstream of the sector : Ingredients, pigments, formulation, packaging to the finished products: full-service, accessories, make-up professionals are taking this unique opportunity as a gateway to discover and share around innovations and trends with a specialized public made of brands and distribution (selective and mass-market) Marketing, Research & Development and Purchasing managers.

    With an increasingly enriched palette of animations, the «MakeUp in…™» events are offering a unique opportunity to discover trends accross exhibitions, presentation and workshops; economics, structurals and commercials debates through conferences and round-tables; players of tomorrow through make-up demos realized by students of specialized schools, and lots of other animations…