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Fast food tray crush testing

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As a supplier of fast food trays, Mecmesin's customer needed to make sure that the trays would withstand a certain lateral force without damage to ensure they did not break when being handled and loaded with food.


A lever operated test stand, fitted with a PFI 50N force gauge was used to keep the test as quick and simple to carry out as possible. Grooved fixtures were also used to hold the tray securely in place throughout the test. The end stop on the stand allowed the customer to make sure that the trays were compressed to the same height every time.

The maximum load was then recorded by the operator using the gauge's peak hold facility and the tray was visually inspected for cracks.


  • Simple test system for ease of use
  • Custom fixtures ensure accuracy of comparative results

Test equipment

  • LCP/S Stand
  • PFI 50N Force Gauge
  • Grooved Fixtures

Image 1: Pair of LCP/S test stands fitted with AFG and BGF gauges and a small compression plate
Image 2: Plastic tray edge crush compression test on a manual force test stand with gauge

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