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    Luxury in Your Pocket: Discover Micen's Mini Luxury Series

    • Micen

    Small-capacity glass bottles are a must in the beauty industry. From marketing fragrances to offering convenient and mess-free application systems for oils and serums, finding high-class solutions in a smaller frame is more than necessary. And we haven't even begun to discuss lip gloss bottles, mascara packs, or eyeliners, all of which heavily rely on good packaging design in small volumes.

    The Mini Luxury Series

    At Micen we are perfectly aware of just how important sleek and functional designs are, regardless of size. If you are in search of small-capacity glass bottles that exude a luxurious appearance and provide a pure and elegant effect, look at our latest addition: the Mini Luxury Series. These bottles are designed to cater to the small volume market, with capacities ranging from 2ml to 15ml.

    The Mini Luxury Series offers a wide range of functional glass vials, making it a perfect choice for your cosmetic needs: perfume bottles, roll-on bottles, lip gloss bottles, mascara tubes, and eyeliner packs.

    Luxury in Your Pocket: Discover Micens Mini Luxury Series

    Convenient All-Around

    With a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of only 10,000 pieces, you have the freedom to place both small and large orders, ensuring that both small-scale businesses and larger enterprises can benefit from the exquisite packaging options available. Our production process is also optimized for efficiency, enabling us to provide a short lead time from order placement to product delivery.

    And, while the Mini Luxury Series boasts a high-end look, it also maintains a highly competitive price point. This affordability allows you to enjoy the benefits of luxury packaging without straining your budget.

    We look forward to working with you, please contact our team now and let's get started!

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