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    Micen Leads the Trend Toward ‘Glassification’

    • Micen

    Glass packaging is gaining popularity in the fragrance and cosmetics industries due to its numerous benefits. Despite advancements in plastic packaging, glass remains dominant in upscale segments where quality is paramount and consumers prefer natural materials. Glass appeals to multiple senses, offering a shiny appearance, a cool touch, and a sense of weight that conveys quality.

    The skincare market, valued at $135 billion in 2018, is experiencing growth driven by the demand for natural products and concerns over synthetic ingredients. Glass packaging, known for its chemical durability, is increasingly preferred in skincare, ensuring compatibility with unstable formulations. Similarly, the perfume market, valued at $31.4 billion in 2018, is witnessing growth as consumers opt for natural fragrances, prompting a shift towards glass packaging.

    In addition to its eco-friendliness and recyclability, glass packaging allows for innovative designs and customization, which can be seen in Micen's glass portfolio for fragrances and essential oils. The company's roll-on vials perfectly align with the glass trend dominating the market, and its extensive catalog of decoration options also provides customization options to suit every brand's vision.

    With Micen's glass roll-on vials, brands can not only embrace the eco-friendly glass trend but also enhance their product's allure.

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