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    Meet Micen's Jade and Rose Quartz Roll-On Dispensers for Beauty & Wellness

    • Micen

    Feeling good is not only a matter of external beauty. The rise of holistic wellness is proof that consumers are increasingly attracted to formulas and treatments that boost energy and comfort feelings, leading brands to invest in products that create a sense of well-being.

    Inspired by this self-care trend, Micen designed Gua Sha massage tools and roll-on spheres for fragrance vials with semi-precious stones. Traditionally used in ancient self-treatment and millenary medicinal therapies, rose quartz and jade are perfect for health-conscious consumers who want to enhance their beauty experience.

    Available in four different shapes, Gua Sha massage tools were used in Chinese ancient treatments that use the stones to stimulate energy and blood flow. With a gentle gesture, the roll-ons can be applied both in face and body massage rituals, helping with dark circles and puffy eyes, rejuvenating skin tone and reducing wrinkles. They can be used on their own or with lotion, oils or cream to enhance the desired effect.

    Blending aromatherapy and stone therapy, the roll-on spheres can be used with several formulas for an elevated experience. Besides fragrance, they can also be used either with essential oils or skincare products, depending on the viscosity of the bulk. The semi-precious stone spheres are ideal for wellness-oriented brands who would like to offer natural and energy-boosting components such as rose quartz and jade for better market positioning.

    Gua Sha tools and roll-ons can be used together for improved effects. More stones are available on request.

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