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    Micen Delivers Small Droppers for Powerful Formulas

    • Micen

    Essential oils have experienced a surge in popularity in the last few years. There has been a growing interest in natural and holistic approaches to health and wellness. Essential oils are often perceived as natural remedies that can support well-being, offering alternatives to synthetic products or medications.

    Commonly used in aromatherapy—which is believed to have various therapeutic effects on mood, stress, relaxation, and even physical health—the pleasant scents and benefits of essential oils are perfectly delivered by high-quality dropper packs.

    Micen, a specialist manufacturer of small-capacity packaging, has the perfect solution to get essential oils to users in the best and most efficient dispenser on the go—a 20ml glass dropper:

    • Precise Measurement: Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids, and it's often necessary to dispense them in very small, precise amounts. Micen's droppers allow users to control the amount of oil they're using, drop by drop, ensuring accurate dosing.
    • Easy Application: Droppers make it easy to apply essential oils directly onto the skin, into diffusers, or into carrier oils for dilution. The dropper tip allows for targeted application, which can be especially important for aromatherapy or topical use.
    • Minimize Contamination: Using a glass dropper helps to minimize the risk of contamination by avoiding direct contact between the essential oil and the user's hands or the surrounding environment. This helps maintain the purity and integrity of the oil.
    • Storage: Micen's small sizes allow users to carry their products with them anywhere they go without compromising the product because of faulty packaging design. The glass vial is polished and durable, and the dropper caps help seal the bottles tightly, further preserving the oil's potency.

    Want to learn more? Contact Micen now and get your project started.

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