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    Complete Solutions Are Viable with Micen's Double-Ended Vials

    • Micen

    Who doesn't love a good bargain? Customers always gravitate towards products that showcase a benefit upfront. That is one of the many reasons double-ended packs with complementing formulas tend to be commonly sought after by end users everywhere.

    Micen steps up to the challenge with its Lipgloss-Roller Duo Glass Bottle, a versatile solution designed to cater to essential oil, lip gloss, and eye gel formulas. This thoughtful design, featuring one end for a roll-on application and another for lip gloss, simplifies packaging requirements allowing brands to deliver more complex treatments at once.

    Additionally, Micen offers an eye gel package option, ensuring that diverse cosmetic products and applications can find a home in a single, elegant container. The bottle is available in either clear or amber, allowing brands to choose the option that best suits their style. That's why it also offers a range of decoration options, including anodizing, silk printing, hot stamping, UV spraying, and frosting.

    Want to learn more? Get in touch now and find the best pack for your brand with Micen.

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