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Neopac recognized in two competitions highlighting sustainable and innovative packaging solutions

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First, Neopac was one of five finalists for a Green Award at LuxePack New York, where the company's PICEA™ tube, which houses a line of hair conditioners for Neopac's customer, Madara. The PICEA™ wood tube is comprised of 95% renewable material and is sourced from PEFC certified forests in the EU. The tube offers a carbon footprint that is 40% better than standard polyethylene tubes while maintaining high-quality barrier properties, decoration, food suitability and recyclability. Such features align with Neopac's vision for an eco-friendlier future.

Elsewhere, at the 50th Anniversary of the prestigious Swiss Packaging Awards, Neopac won one award category and was nominated in two others:

  • Neopac's InShape Box for E-Cigarettes won the coveted Design category. This curved tin can was created specifically for the Swiss e-cigarette market. Its unique shape design and material offers differentiation from other square carton packaging.
  • The practical and easy-to-use Dropper Tube D3 Piccolo was nominated in the Convenience category. The solution's innovative drip system allows the precise release of 200 I.E. Vitaimin D, ideal especially for young children. The tube's glass-free packaging offers portability and safety for users.
  • In the Sustainability category, the aformentioned PICEA™ wood tube was nominated. Used as the packaging solution for the high-quality products of cosmetics brand Biana, the "Holztube" PICEA™ tube consists of wood flour and bioplastics. The nature of the eco-friendly tube fits with Biana's sustainable philosophy.

"We are honored to receive awards and nominations in such prestigious competitions within the packaging sector," said Cornelia Schmid, Head of Marketing for Hoffmann Neopac. "As leaders in the packaging industry and forerunners in the eco-friendly tube solution marketplace, these recognitions solidify our innovation and sustainability efforts."

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