Phaba creates a new enema kit that's perfect for diagnostic, laxative, or therapeutic purposes

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Rectal deliveries of liquid or semi-liquid substances are used in the medicine for diagnostic, laxative or therapeutic purposes. They enable the carrying out of X-ray examinations and are recommended in case of constipation or before an operation. Finally, this kind of administration of medicine offers the benefit of rapid absorption and quickly transfer to the systemic circulation, distributing itself in the organism and avoiding in this way the risk of irritation of the gastric mucosa, maintaining unchanged its effects.

Up until now Phaba has offered a kit composed of bottle, screw cap and rectal cannula in flow pack.

The new version of the enema kit, that is under development and that will be available soon, allows us to provide a disposable product, ready for immediate use by the final customer.

The kit will consist of a bottle made of LDPE, with capacity between 120 and 150 ml, a pressure cannula, complete with cover and tamper evident. The bottle can be filled, sealed with the cannula and boxed directly, optimizing the production process and at the same time making it user-friendly for the patient.

This new product is the result of a combination between an in-depth study of the market requirements and the well-established technical experience gained from Phaba in enemas field.

The new enemas line foresees the possibility of providing the cannula with a check-valve, while the pressure closure assures a perfect seal.

As in the previous versions, the bottle can be customized with embossing (logo or text). There is also the possibility of a version suitable for the applying of personalized labels.

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