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Premi's naturally beautiful Wood droppers

  • Premi

Premi has released a series of droppers designed to appeal to firms wishing to offer a naturally beautiful item to consumers.

Wood packaging has become popular of late for both male and female cosmetic products. It is versatile and provides a warm and elegant appearance. As a material, it is perfect for brands that want to emphasize their connection to the natural world.

The Wood dropper is ideal for a number of treatments, including facial care products, serums, oils, foundations or any product that requires precise dosing.

The droppers are designed to be paired easily with Premi's Heavy and Pure glass bottles, creating a perfect piece of packaging bound to impress shoppers.

The droppers are available in a number of wood grains.

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The challenge facing brands today is that of responding to the needs of an increasingly demanding consumer, who has clear ideas about what he wants and whose choices are more difficult to influence. This is why it is becoming increasingly important to pay acute attention to new market tastes and trends, enabling Premi to present innovative products that stand out from those offered by competitors in the beauty, skincare, make-up, and fragrance industries.

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Premi inaugurates its new showroom in the USA

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