SanYing's Airless Pump Tube Redefines Branding

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SanYing presents its Airless Pump Tube, a fantastic innovation for the beauty and personal care market that ensures products are dispensed with precision and freshness, eliminating waste and contamination. A must for any skincare routine!

The airless system protects formulas from oxidation and foreign contamination, and by matching the technology with the extensive decorative capabilities of laminated tubes, you get the perfect solution for brand recognition. The product retains its properties for longer periods of time and your artwork can take center stage, covering the entire surface of the pack.

Choose SanYing's CAL Tube with Airless Pump for beauty and personal care products that deserve nothing but the best. It's innovation, functionality, and aesthetics all rolled into one sleek package.

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Less Plastic, Same Quality: SanYing's Tubes Take a Sustainable Turn

Taking a step forward into sustainable practices, SanYing has reduced its carbon impact after introducing a brand-new laminated tube manufacturing technology to its plants. The company has changed the traditional co-extruded tube drawing process using material reduction technology to minimize resin usage. The all-plastic tubes now contain less plastic but remain as durable and functional as ever, helping brands meet their sustainability goals without compromising performance.

SanYing packaging is selected as one of the "2022 China top 100 Beauty Packaging Enterprises"

In order to encourage advancement and set an example to the industry, packaging companies, together with China beauty net, planned and organized the "top 100 Chinese beauty packaging enterprises in 2022". Based on the principle of authority, fairness and openness, it effectively combed a large number of cosmetic packaging enterprises and restored the industry's understanding of high-quality packaging businesses.

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