Your Cosmetic Products Will Shine with Singulus Green Metallization

Metallizing product surfaces gives a sleek, branded, and luxurious look to cosmetic product lines. Singulus has the in-line 3-dimensional coating technology that will allow your company to coat its products in a clean, efficient, and above all, sustainable way.

Green Metallizing Inline Production System for Sustainable Coating of 3D Parts

The different spray coating modules and the vacuum sputtering module of the DECOLINE II are interlinked by an innovative flexible inline concept. It has revolutionized the coating process by giving companies the freedom to perform inline coating without using a traditional batch process.

The DECOLINE II makes metalization more sustainable and efficient with:

  • Significant cost and material reductions (by most efficient material consumption) from using highly efficient robotic and automation tools
  • Chromium VI-free applications
  • Collection and recycling of over-spray materials possible
  • Simplified Production Process without any manual steps

Effective, Economical, Flexible

In cosmetics, metallic quality surfaces are needed more than ever in the decorative sector to stand out. Metallic surfaces instill a sense of quality and prestige to product lines. However, coating is usually an expensive and inflexible step.

Singulus’ new, fully automated PVD coating inline system is able to operate directly from the bulk-pack to the finished product, saving time-consuming manual work. This is especially true for high-end cosmetic products as processes in bulk are not always possible, nor desirable from a surface protection standpoint.

Great Individual Design Variety

Due to its flexibility, the DECOLINE II offers the cosmetics sector the opportunity to finish diverse cosmetic products with a wide range of different colors. Brilliant layers on

3-dimensional parts allowing individual design of the cosmetics lead to a uniqueness of the product.

This technology distinguishes itself with versatile options in realizing different layer configurations. Hinged closures, a notoriously difficult area to metallize, can be coated with ease with this technology.

This technology isn’t only to beautify your products. Besides the stunning decorative applications, functional layers are also possible. Antibacterial coatings keep cosmetic dispensers and handlers hygienic and clean, even after multiple uses.

Clean, Safe, User-friendly

Singulus Technologies offers the second generation of inline coating solutions for fully automated handling and coating of 3-dimensional parts. From loading to packaging, the process is fully automated and not one manual step is necessary – at cycle times under 0.4 seconds per component. The new DECOLINE II SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is able to offer the industry an environmentally friendly process and significant benefits for simplifying their production processes.

Singulus Technologies is focused on innovating technology to promote environmental awareness. The company develops processes with a focus on the efficient use of resources and avoidance of unnecessary CO2 and pollution.

Contact Singulus to learn more about the options available for metallizing your cosmetic product lines.

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