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Toly's 2022 Theme

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Let me share with you our theme for 2022 which is:

Be Different… Think Different
For a sustainable future

Why is this is an important theme or message for the coming year.
In fact, it all comes down to strategy.
As Michael Porter says:

“Don’t compete to be the best, instead compete to be unique”

Strategy is not aspiration or goals
Strategy is not the same as vision or mission

Strategy defines the company’s distinctive approach to competing and the competitive advantage on which it will be based.

At Toly, we want to add value to our customers
We know that there will always be someone else who can make our products cheaper.
So for me the only way to compete is to be unique or be different;
and being different means that we must also Think Different.

So how can we be different?
1. The way we hire
2. The way we innovate – always finding new solutions
3. The way we service our customers
4. The way we see the world – through a wide angled lens
5. The way we fight for business – always playing to win as well as
6. The way we plan

And then let’s embrace customers and people who value our difference.

The second part of our 2022 theme is:

“for a sustainable future”

and for me sustainability is not just being environmentally friendly.

It is about protecting the business, investing in the business
Building a really strong foundation for future generations whilst
Being agile and reinventing ourselves in line with the changing world.

This is what a sustainable business is.

But we must also be more environmentally friendly and protect our planet for future generations.

- The way we design our products.
- The materials that we choose
- The way we conserve resources

I love the quote from Oprah Winfrey when she says:
“Dare to be different
Be a pioneer
Be a leader
Be the kind of person who in the face of adversity will continue to embrace life and walk fearlessly towards the challenge”

This is what my father started.
He had a determination to succeed, he had the courage to overcome the adversity that life always threw at him.
These are the roots of Toly and this is what I have also tried to do in the 30 years that I have been running this company.


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