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Toly's Crazy Goal

Last year, Toly unveiled a bold and ambitious goal that sparked excitement and enthusiasm among all employees. The objective was simple, yet audacious: align all individuals within the Toly family and dedicate ourselves to doing our best every day to create customers for life.   

The Meaning Behind the Goal: 

At Toly, we firmly believe that every employee, regardless of their role or position, can comprehend the profound significance of our crazy goal. The idea of giving our best every single day, in every aspect of our work, is a shared commitment that transcends hierarchical boundaries. As a privately owned company driven by a long-term vision, our goal is not just to gain customers but to establish lifelong relationships built on trust, quality, and reliability. 

The Enduring Legacy of Toly: 

When one visits our corporate offices in Malta and sees the historical wall adorned with a timeline of products supplied to well-known brands for decades, it becomes evident that we have a legacy worth preserving. Toly's ability to supply renowned brands for 30, 40, and even 50 years showcases the enduring trust our customers have placed in us. Our goal, then, is to continue supporting these valued customers and join them on their growth journey, with the aim of still supplying them in the next 50 years. 

Differentiating Factors: 

Unlike many of our competitors, who are owned by private equity companies or funds, Toly has a distinctive vision and relationship with its customers. We stand firm in our commitment to sustainability and generational continuity. Toly's objective is not only to remain a thriving business, passed down from one generation to another, but also to ensure our customers' continued satisfaction and loyalty in the same manner. 

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Toly Goes Green with Elle’s Green Beauty Stars

Our paperfoam godet holder is a revolutionary packaging solution that is both eco-friendly and unique. The biodegradable material is 100% home-compostable and recyclable along with paper. The unique molding process also allows us to create forms and shapes that are not possible with conventional card manufacturing. Additionally, the godet holder design allows the consumer to easily refill the pack by pushing out the godet from a hole in the bottom of the holder.

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