The Boston airless bottle series

Do you need an airless bottle, but are bored with the options currently available? S Pack's newly launched Boston Airless is the solution!

S Pack's brand new airless bottle series provides a well-designed, classic look, and the company's extended series offers a cream jar, serum dropper and lotion bottle facilitating the production of a complete line of beauty products.

Boston Airless features:

  • In cooperation with Sunrise Pumps, the bottle's pump features an 'out' spring design which ensures an extended product life and no product contamination.
  • The increased contact area on the pump head for the finger provides a beter user experience.
  • Brands can choose to color match the pump collar with the bottle base for a coordinated look.

The Boston Airless series is currently available with 3 volumes for the SAN/PETG bottles: 15ml, 30ml and 50ml, and a pump output dosage of 0.2cc across the range.

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