Plastic tube with soft spatula tip for wrinkle treatment, concealer, nail oil and eye cream

  • UDN Packaging Corporation


  • Tube Type & Diameter:
    Round: D13, D16, D19,D22, D30
    Oval: D30, D35, D40
  • No coagulation issue like brush. Leak-proof. Closing the valve while capping.
  • Two types of material:TPR & Silicon Gentle skin touch.
  • Suitable for wrinkle treatment、concealer、Hair removal cream、Antifungal Treatment, etc.

Spatula is a flexible, flat piece usually made in silicon or TPR, it also refers to a tongue depressor. It is mostly common being used as a separate cosmetic dispensing tool with long handle, and is perfect for targeting application. Its softness makes the entire user experience enjoyable and comfortable.

As has been a separated tool to distribute product, the spatula is difficult for users to keep for next usage, often easily being contaminated, or requiring extra work for cleaning. There’s no way for the user to control proper dosage and results in unnecessary wastage. It’s impossible for users to carry spatula with the product while traveling, and limits the application only for indoor or fix location. In order to provide better solutions, UDN makes a bold move to combine spatula with packaging tube and introduces - Soft Spatula Tube.

Soft Spatula Tube features a spatula as its applicator that is part of the packaging and being protected with a closure. By squeezing the tube gently, it distributes product directly to spatula applicator and is ready for application. After every usage, spatula applicator has always been kept under the cap to avoid any foreign contamination, attached to the tube without missing somewhere, and the user will always be carefree to use it for the next round.

The composition of soft spatula tube is brilliantly designed. There’s no removable object for the entire component. It is unique structured for repeat usage and allows cap unfailingly well sealed with 100% airtight closure. Indeed, it is an easy-to-use solution for consumer goods products.

There are two sizes for spatula applicator and can be made in different tube diameter with capacity variations.

  • The Small Spatula Tube is made for color cosmetics, lip glosses, skin care serum, acne formulas, nail care, and anti-aging products for focus and precise dosage.

It can be made in a round shape with 13 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, and 22 mm diameter tube

  • The Big Spatula Tube is designed for facial mask application, body waxing, and body care cream that require smooth and even dosage.

It can be made in a round shape with 30 mm diameter tube, or in flat shape with 30 mm and 40 mm diameter tube

The material of spatula applicator has many depending on product requirement, it can be TPR, Silicon, or flocking.

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