Ultra Slim Tube helps to reduce the shipping fee, especially in the business of mail order and catalog shopping

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  • Diameter Options: D35, D40
  • The compact volume of Ultra Slim Tube helps to reduce the shipping fee, especially in the business of mail order and catalog shopping.
  • The thickness of Ultra Slim Tube is less than 16mm. Plus, its front printing area is 16% more than the conventional round tube.
  • Suitable for Skin Care, Body Care, Foundation, Concealer, Sunblock Cream, etc.

The Ultra Slim Tube is one of the most elegantly designed packaging tubes that features a slim-lined figure for better attraction towards consumers. Compared to the same diameter of 35 mm round shaped tube, the ultra slim tube occupies less space with a width of merely 16 mm.

With its thinner and wider shape, the ultra slim tube has 16% more printing area for packaging decoration to create more graphic on front view to deliver a better and proper message for brands. It creates outstanding visual impact that communicates directly with consumers. 

Not only its successes on the store shelves with impeccable presentation and wins more attraction, its narrower dimension also benefits companies who are looking for cutting down transportation cost. The ultra slim tube is particularly welcome in Japan, thanks to its super slim thickness of 16 mm. One ultra slim tube fits in a single envelope and can be delivered as an ordinary mail post instead of parcel delivery.

According to a real statistic report made by a Japanese company, by adopting ultra slim tube as packaging solution, the company saves up to 70% transportation cost, the actual amount that has been saved in one year is 100 million Japanese Yan.

The ultra slim tube can be used for a wide range of market sectors including:

  • Skin Care products
  • Cosmetics & Makeup: foundation, concealer…
  • Body Care: body cream, sunscreen cream…
  • Hair Care products

UDN offers 2 different diameters for ultra slim tube, it can be either 35 mm or 40 mm and the capacity ranges from 30 ml to 130 ml. Both option match with 2 different styles of closures.

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