Viva Presents a Sustainable and Efficient Solution for Scalp Treatments

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As with most treatments, hair care formulas require precise application to work as intended. A task that tends to become problematic when dealing with scalp treatments, as users might find it troublesome to properly apply the formula on the skin and end up wasting considerable amounts of product on their hair. That's the very reason Viva developed a Scalp Applicator Tube that provides an easier direct-to-scalp application.

The funnel-like nozzle at the tip provides the ideal solution to target specific areas of the scalp. A gentle squeeze is all it takes to properly dispense the solution and start the treatment. Being a tube, the overall pack easily overtakes more traditional solutions such as droppers, allowing larger quantities of product to be dispensed at once, while also offering perfect control when smaller quantities are needed.

But functionality is not where it stops. Viva keeps pursuing the path of sustainable business models in the beauty industry, which is why the Scalp Applicator Tube is a mono-material PP design, allowing customers to fully recycle the pack with no need for disassembly. Guaranteeing the tube will be recycled if properly disposed of. To further enhance the innovation's commitment to the environment, both the cap and applicator can be manufactured in 100% Post Consumer Recycled resin (PCR), while the tube can be up to 87% composed of PCR.

In-mold label decoration ensures the pack remains mono-material and does not compromise branding and coloring options, including Velvet Soft Touch.

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