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Viva's has just unveiled its new Flow Control Valve Cap, a game-changer in the company's portfolio of fluid dispensing solutions! This cutting-edge cap has been meticulously designed to offer an unparalleled experience for a diverse range of applications. With its exceptional features, the Flow Control Valve Cap is set to simplify how customers interact with various products while improving recyclability.

Covering a Wide Range of Viscosities

Whether it's thin liquids or thick, gooey substances, the Flow Control Valve Cap can handle them all! Thanks to its advanced technology, it adapts effortlessly to a variety of formulas, ensuring smooth dispensing without any hassle.

Versatile in Applications

Say goodbye to using different caps for different products. Viva's Flow Control Valve Cap is incredibly versatile, making it perfect for a wide array of applications, from liquid lotions to thick creams.

Environmentally Conscious Design

At Viva, sustainability is at the heart of innovation. That's why we offer an optional recycled material for the cap, reducing the environmental impact. Our mono-material design, encompassing both the tube and cap, further ensures ease of recycling.

Recycle-Friendly Silicone-Free Valve

We understand the importance of responsible waste management. The Flow Control Valve Cap boasts a recycle-friendly silicone-free valve, making it an eco-conscious choice for consumers.

Controlled and Dip-Free Dispensing

No more accidental spills or messy dispensing! With its precision-engineered flow control valve, Viva's cap allows customers to dispense just the right amount of product with ease and accuracy, keeping things clean and convenient.

Convenient All-Around

The valve cap is manufactured in-house in the same North American plant as Viva's tubes. Therefore, the company can guarantee shorter lead times, complete packaging solutions (the orientation of the caps perfectly match the tubes' necks), and it's overall better for the environment (life cycle analysis are available upon request).

Join us in embracing efficient and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Contact our team now and let us guide you to find the best packaging solution for your product needs.

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