Child resistant trigger

The home is full of danger for children eager to discover new things. That's why this trigger sprayer is child resistant. Certified ISO 8317, it provides an easy-to-use trigger for easy product distribution that safeguards young hands from accessing home chemicals.

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Home and professional trigger sprayers with 'Maxi' output

For big jobs and constant use over a long period, Silgan Dispensing offers the Maxi™ and Maxi™ T/N—powerful, heavy-duty trigger sprayers with a high output.

Benefiting from an output of 2.2ml and higher, they have been specifically developed for use in applications in which a large quantity of product sprayed is required.

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PKP's pressure sprayer for home and garden

PKP's PSA pressure sprayer is a sturdy bottle and sprayer combination that provide a heady liquid stream when activated, making it a excellent packaging choice for household and garden applications where a little extra distance is required.

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