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Giflor's Carbon Black Free resin enables recycling

Black plastic packaging poses a great challenge for the recycling process because the presence of carbon black does not allow the correct sorting of black parts at recycling facilities. Giflor’s Carbon Black Free (CBF) resin is the latest response to this challenging issue.

Mecmesin's materials testers
Testing the physical strength properties of materials, in accordance with international or in-house standards, is a key part of determining their characteristics to better understand the effects of process improvements. With this in mind, Mecmesin has designed a range of static-load Materials Testers powered by intuitive VectorPro MT software.
LINDAL and DuPont celebrate ‘smart’ ADF award win
Lindal Group
Leading aerosol dispensing experts, LINDAL Group have picked up a joint award with chemical company, Dupont at the ADF&PCD New York Packaging Innovation Awards. The GREAT STUFF SMART DISPENSER outshone fellow nominees in the Industrial and Technical Application category at one of the biggest aerosol events on the calendar.
Mondi, Werner & Mertz partner on fully recyclable, award-winning StripPouch that supports a circular economy

Leading global packaging and paper group Mondi’s four-year effort with a customer – German cleaning products maker Werner & Mertz GmbH – to develop a fully recyclable, flexible, stand-up pouch for W&M’s Frosch-brand laundry detergent is paying dividends. The project applied Cradle to Cradle principles to assess every aspect of the product, from design to optimal end-of-life options, to close the packaging loop.

Advanced Dynamics' 'perfect' solutions win over automotive brand
Advanced Dynamics

Advanced Dynamics Ltd stepped into the breach to restore a business’s faith in packaging solution partners after the boss of one of the UK’s leading automotive distribution companies felt let down by his previous supplier, urgently looking for a new supplier that would go the extra mile to deliver the filling and labelling system he required, quickly and efficiently..

Pregis joins Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier network
Pregis LLC, a leading protective packaging materials and automated systems manufacturer, has joined the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) network. As part of the APASS network, Pregis can certify that packages meet the requirements of Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging programs and its 3 tiers of certification.
Adept Packaging is APASS certified
Adept Packaging
Adept Packaging has joined the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), a program to assist vendors, suppliers and manufacturers to reduce defective product deliveries, receive products ready to ship and eliminate unnecessary packaging waste. Adept Packaging offers the full suite of services to help sellers certify their products as Prep-Free Packaging (PFP), Ships-in-Own-Container (SIOC), and Frustration Free Packaging (FFP).
ScottsMiracle-Gro and ProAmpac win 2019 AmeriStar Award

The 2019 AmeriStar Award has been presented to ScottsMiracle-Gro in partnership with packaging leader ProAmpac for their bio-plastic based design of the Miracle-Gro Performance Organics growing media packaging, which made its commercial debut this spring. The annual AmeriStar award competition is conducted by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP).

Advancing Together: Berry + RPC
RPC Group

On July 1st Berry Global Group, Inc. completed the acquisition of RPC Group Plc. The combination of Berry and RPC creates a leading supplier of engineered products and one of the world’s largest plastic packaging companies.

No wasted opportunity for user-friendliness
RPC Promens
ESE World has launched a new design for its 240 litre PL bin with several innovative features and options that provide the utmost flexibility for waste and recycling collection schemes. The container’s additional footstep, the availability of three different wheel sizes and a special lid-in-lid option provide important ergonomic benefits.
AFA presents the PCR OpUs Verte trigger sprayer
Afa Dispensing

AFA Dispensing has achieved another milestone in the global effort to use environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. As of this autumn, AFA’s best-selling product – The OpUs Trigger Sprayer, will be offered in a new colourful version that is made from Post-Consumer Recycled resin (resin of recycled plastic products).