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Household & Home Care Packaging News

PKP's Industrial Trigger Sprayers Get the Job Done

PKP's expertise in dispensing solution manufacturing allows the company to deliver both insutrual and consumer trigger sprayers. The company's industrial range offers a series of benefits, including: durability, spraying volume and pressure, chemical resistance, and special nozzle designs.

Unzip WP's Ultimate Spray System
Weener Plastics
Making it easier for consumers to recycle a product at the end of its useful life cycle, thus enhancing circularity, WP presents its unzippable spray cap.  Standing out from other removable spray caps on the market, Weener Plastics' has developed and incorporated an intuitive zipper that makes it easy to remove the aerosol spray cap for efficient recycling.
Why Matsos?

?Matsos® is a trailblazer in sustainability for the beauty industry, ingeniously repurposing waste textiles —denim, leather, and fibers— into unique caps, while addressing environmental concerns in the fashion industry.

Show A Little Love: The Recyclable Heart Container
Add a touch of romance to the shelves with one of Moulded Packaging Solutions' highlight pieces, The Heart Container. Spread love to the shelves and the environment with this heart-shaped container which can be manufactured in PET or with recycled material (rPET). The fun shaping and generous size of the product encourages consumers to keep the container after use, making the model the ideal package to inspire reuse and recycle initiatives.
Fully Recyclable & Eco-friendly Mist Pump

Majesty Packaging Systems presents the All Plastic Mist Pump, a cutting-edge product that is ideal for use in sunscreen, hair spray, and air freshener applications. The mist spray dosage of Majesty's All Plastic Mist Pump is 0.7ml, and the neck dimensions are 24/410. If you want to learn more about this innovative product and its wide range of applications, don't hesitate to contact Majesty Packaging Systems today.

Meet Tirrit's 100% Recyclable All Plastic Trigger Sprayers
At Tirrit find 100% All Plastic Trigger Sprayers in various styles with additional functions.  The ST10611P model uses an elongated head with an indented trigger handle for more comfortable ergonomic use with a dosage of 0.9cc. The ST1068P also uses a 0.9cc dosage with a smoother and wider trigger handle. The TR343 dispenses an increased dosage of 1.4cc with a refreshed head-to-nozzle design ratio.
Plastic Air Pressure Aerosol Spray by Maypak
MayPak Packaging
Ideal for Food and Beverage, Home Care and Personal Care products the MP4180 model uses an innovative air pressure system using plastic materials alone to create an effective spray and mist. Using widely recyclable PP and PET materials, the pack measures at a very portable height of 16cm, making it perfect for transport and easy to store.
Start The New Year With Sustainable Packaging Choices

Metal packaging adds a premium look and feel to any product, with the added attraction of strong environmental credentials as part of the circular economy, being infinitely recyclable with permanently available materials.  Enviro-Cap supplies packaging in both aluminum, a lightweight and corrosion-resistant material used for food and toiletries, and tinplate, a stronger and more robust material often used for household products such as polishes.

Find Your PET Partner at SHB
SHB Packaging
We are constantly developing new and modern standard bottle series and innovative customer-related series in complete solutions such as a large portfolio of various shapes and filling quantities of PET bottles. PET is a durable, reliable and versatile material that SHB utilizes to create distinct and iconic packs to best represent your brand. In addition to recyclable PET, packs can also be produced using recycled material as an extra sustainable measure. 
Take Your Brand Wherever You Go!
AFA Dispensing

At AFA Dispensing, we firmly believe that sustainability should not come at the expense of convenience. With Flairosol® Go, you can enjoy high-quality, eco-friendly dispensing anywhere you go.

Five Things To Consider When Choosing a Trigger Sprayer
When it comes to household products, one of the most widely used dispensers is the trigger sprayer. As with all dispensing technologies, the kind of trigger spray needed depends on the type of liquid that’s being dispensed. Is it a foam? What chemicals are used in the formula? When choosing a trigger spray, there are a variety of things to consider.