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Household & Home Care Packaging News

Welcome MeaSURE™ 2 for Shampoo Week!

Welcome MeaSURE™ 2 for Shampoo Week! Our latest self-measuring, automatic-dosing closure ensures precise and mess-free dispensing, making it ideal for shampoos, conditioners, and other personal care products. With improved dosing accuracy and ISTA-6A e-commerce certification, MeaSURE™ 2 delivers both convenience and sustainability.

Ready to Hit the Road? Flairosol Says Yes!
AFA Dispensing
Cars, and their owners, are always on the go. Your cleaning products need to keep up. Today's discerning consumers demand more than just a shiny finish—they want convenience that fits in the palm of their hand or the glove box.
TurboFil Upgrades Fully Automatic Syringe Filling System
TurboFil Packaging Machines LLC, an equipment specialist dedicated solely to the design and development of liquid filling and assembly machines, has enhanced its recently introduced TipFil™ Syringe Filling & Assembly Machine, which automates the company’s popular TipFil™ syringe filling process. Equipped with an updated platform to achieve throughput speeds up to 80 syringes per minute, the next-level machine was supplied to a customer filling pest control product in 30ml syringes
Classic Metal Screw Caps: Secure Sealing and Iconic Look

Enviro-cap's range of caps covers standard-size jar and container neck profiles from 28mm to 100mm, making them an ideal sustainable choice for multiple markets and products. Screw caps remain a popular and iconic choice, for their secure sealing and timeless visual.  Caps can be formed of either recyclable aluminum or tinplate depending on the intended application. Enviro-caps continuous thread caps come in standard depth across the size range, or deep ‘pharma’ versions mainly used on smaller diameter caps.

Break the Rules: Revolutionize Liquid Packaging with AeroFlexx

AeroFlexx's innovative and sustainable liquid packaging solution enhances consumer experience, reduces costs, and is designed for a variety of products including household, pet, and personal care items. Made with up to 70% less plastic at the source and incorporating up to 50% recycled content, the AeroFlexx Pak eliminates up to 85% virgin plastic compared to a traditional rigid bottle.

Power, Precision, Resistance: The PSA Pressure Sprayer
PKP's PSA pressure sprayer features a sturdy bottle and sprayer combination that provides a heady liquid stream when activated, making it a nifty choice for industrial or animal spray products, as well as household and garden care where a little extra distance is required.
Standing out from the competition is more important than ever, and it doesn’t have to break the bank
Neville and More
Did you know that Neville & More can design specifically for cost-savings? We offer the resources of TricorBraun’s award-winning Design and Engineering team to develop an innovative solution, backed by global market research, industry trends, and consumer insights. We work with you to create cost-effective and commercial-ready custom packaging that will delight consumers.
The Matsos Solution

Harnessing the concept of "waste is the new raw," Matsos ingeniously repurposes discarded materials and fabrics from fashion powerhouses, transforming them into innovative packaging solutions like fragrance caps and home scent diffusers.

Liquid Manufacturing Solutions – A Refreshed Look to Evoke Joy®
Altium Packaging
Joy® has been a household name in dishwashing liquid detergent since 1949. Liquid Manufacturing Solutions (LMS) approached Studio PKG with minor adjustments planned across three bottle sizes from 11oz to 90oz. Recognizing brand disconnects, the Studio PKG team encouraged LMS to revamp the bottles’ visual language to align with the Joy Brand. The outcome is a cohesive line of bottles, preserving a unified family appearance and effectively conveying the joyful essence of the product’s branding.
Twist Cap Nozzle Closures Available in PCR

Twist Nozzle Cap Closures offers secure dispensing with targeted application for a number of industries including Beauty, Personal Care, Health and Home Care. Tirrit's extensive range of Twist Caps are manufactured in a range of closure sizes of 20/410, 16/415, 18/400, 24/410, 28/410, to fit a wide range of products.

Condensa PCR Sustainable Aluminium Packaging

Condensa PCR aluminum is manufactured using post-consumer recycled materials, meaning that each time you choose Condensa PCR products, you're participating in waste reduction and supporting a circular economy. Furthermore, by maintaining the quality and performance that characterizes the company's sustainable and responsible alternatives to virgin materials.

CKS Packaging Launches New Website
CKS Packaging
CKS Packaging is excited to announce the launch of its new website and catalog! The company has got a new look, full of features and customized solutions to meet all your packaging needs!
How Trigger Sprayers Enhance the Efficiency and Precision of Liquid Dispensing in Various Industries

Trigger sprayers have become an essential tool in a wide range of industries due to their ability to enhance the precision and efficiency of liquid dispensing and spraying. These devices are particularly valuable in applications where control and accuracy of liquid output are critical. From household cleaning to personal care and industrial applications, trigger sprayers offer several benefits that help improve functionality and user experience.

Majesty Packaging Meets North American Demands for Aerosol Valves

Majesty Packaging Systems Limited is a high-tech packaging manufacturer located in Guangdong, a coastal province in South China. The company specializes in producing aerosol valves, dispensing pumps, and mist sprayers. It is proud of its advanced production facility, which includes state-of-the-art equipment for producing moulds and valve assembly lines, robust quality control systems, and strong research and development teams.

Menshen's State-Of-The-Art Weldspouts
Menshen weldspouts provide packaging solutions that stand out due to their functionality, safety, and design, especially for cosmetics, chemicals, detergents, and food markets.