Household & Home Care Packaging News

Croxsons expands glass expertise into home & beauty sector
To complement its existing core business in supplying glass bottle containers, closures and decoration to international food and beverage brands, leading glass packaging firm, Croxsons, has recently launched a home & beauty division. The move builds on sustained business growth and will see Croxsons provide single-source packaging solutions for brands in this sector.
Romance is in the Air with Rayuen’s Glass Perfume Decanters
Rayuen Packaging

Rayuen Packaging’s delicate glass perfume decanter bottles impart an air of romance to essential oil and aromatherapy products. Their elevated perspective and heaviness adds luxury to any brand's line of home fragrances. These diffuser bottles are highly stable, have an airtight barrier, and are made from top-quality flint glass material. Eco-conscious consumers will love that they are easily refillable, reusable, and 100% recyclable.

The importance of packaging design in poison prevention
Mold-Rite Plastics

Many of us take poison prevention for granted. From household cleaning supplies to personal care products and prescription medication, many items exist in our own homes that are dangerous when used improperly. When we think of packaging, we often think about it in terms of what looks nice, what is easy to use, and what can help keep our products intact. But packaging also plays a very crucial role in poison prevention.

Boomers value accessible packaging
Inclusive design is gaining awareness with consumers and brands alike. When we consider the Boomer generation specifically, symptoms of aging like weakening grip, poor vision, and lower dexterity are common. But when combined, these altered abilities make certain forms of packaging more challenging to use.
Testing of chemicals and adhesives
Chemicals, adhesives and coatings play a crucial role in almost every area of our lives, so testing their performance is vital. If they are designed to peel, they should do so consistently and predictably. If they are designed not to fail, then their behaviour before and at failure, in adhesion and cohesion, also matter.
The next generation stretch sleeve: Digitally printed!
CCL Label

Stretch Sleeves are a fantastic product decoration – they are thin and material efficient, require no adhesives and no heat to apply them. They are a sustainable solution and enable effective and high-quality 360 degree decoration and brand communication. The whole story just got better: We now offer digitally printed Stretch Sleeves that give brands all the opportunities in the world to connect with the consumer.

PackSys Global's smartcube™ increases production efficiency
PackSys Global AG
Productive, intuitive and user-friendly, smartcube™ is PackSys Global’s digital service platform for 24/7 analysing, monitoring and maintaining your portfolio of machines. It is based on industry standards (OPC UA, PackML) and programmed in HTML5 with responsive design enabling access on any device on any platform.
Airopack secures new growth capital through Rabobank
Airopack is pleased to announce Rabobank has become its majority shareholder following an investment in the company’s growth agenda. The investment allows Airopack to bring its sustainable and innovative packaging solutions to a wider audience around the world.
Giflor wins gold for innovation - again!

Giflor has once again proven that it is a leader in the pursuit of producing innovative packaging which conforms to both the desires of brands and consumers. The Italian closure manufacturer is proud to announce that its patented Eco Low Profile 772 mono-material tube system has received a top award during the Tube Council's prestigious 2020 Tube Of the Year Awards.

Clariant launches natural VOC-trapping DESVOCANT adsorbents for packaging & cargo shipments
DESVOCANT adsorbents are based on a naturally-occurring, non-toxic bentonite clay mineral with a unique surface structure, which is dried as granulate and contained in air-permeable sachets or bags. The adsorbents are available in a wide range of sizes suitable for placing in small product packages for shoes, handbags, or clothing, for example, through to full container loads of carpets, paints, toys, plastic packaging, pillows, mattresses, and furniture.
Amcor to help brands communicate packaging carbon footprint reductions through independent labelling from the Carbon Trust
Amcor has announced the ‘Reducing CO2 Packaging’ Label from the Carbon Trust can now be printed on Amcor packaging to demonstrate significant carbon footprint reductions. It’s part of the company’s lifecycle assessment service, which enables brands to measure their packaging’s carbon footprint from raw materials through end-of-use. The announcement comes at a time when sustainability is an increasingly important factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions.
WP launches first 100% recyclable dispensing valve
Weener Plastics

Following extensive research, trials, laboratory tests, and consumer reviews, WP’s Innovation & Development team has created a 100% recyclable valve that offers fully controlled, clean dispensing. WP’s fully recyclable valve is made of a specially developed material. This enables full recycling with polyolefin waste streams – regardless of the bottle material.