Focus on: Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging provides a simple and adaptable answer to the portioning and preservation of filling goods. It's one of the fastest growing areas of the packaging industry as there is an extensive range of flexible packaging types made of paper, plastic materials or aluminum on offer.

Industry is supporting this growth as flexible packaging requires less resources for production, results in less waste following use, and being light weight offers significant cost savings for transportation.

ACTEGA is an international leader in the flexible packaging market, offering tailored inks, coatings and adhesives that are ideal for pouches, liddings, wrappings and more.

Sachets, Pouches & Bags

Bags, pouches and sachets, made of plastic composites, metallized film and paper, have become increasingly important. Besides packaging integrity, the design is very important to customers for differentiation on the shelf. ACTEGA provides a wide range of colors for brands to distinguish their unique selling proposition, whether the packaging is aluminum, aluminum foil, metalized foil, paper or plastic.


Typical applications of liddings refer to yoghurts, bottles or fresh meat. Particular demands are made on dairy products with regard to taste, freshness and natural appeal. ACTEGA can offer a variety of options that are ideal for food product applications.

Wrapper & Innerliner

Wrappers can be sealed or just folded and are used for sweets and baked goods. Innerliners are used as a protector for cigarettes, sweets and chewing gum against loss of aroma and drying, respectively moisture absorption. There are many different adhesives and coatings that can be used and ACTEGA can assist in choosing the most appropriate.


In a sealing process, two components are combined by pressure and heat or ultrasonic sound. Discover ACTEGA's highly specialized blister coatings with excellent sealing characteristics.

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Focus on: Digitial printing solutions for labels or packaging

With a focus on innovative and high quality products, technical support and services, ACTEGA provides a broad variety of solutions for digital printing across a range of markets. Whether a company is dealing with publication & commercial, labels or packaging, a dedicated team is available including experts from R&D, technical services and product consultation. Discover ACTDigi, our first cross-company brand fully dedicated to digital printing.

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