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ADF & PCD: A focus on innovation

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Innovation will be at the forefront when ADF (Aerosol Dispensing Forum) and PCD (Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design) open, September 6 and 7, at the Metropolitan Pavilion and Altman Building in New York City. The event will host a live Innovation Awards Ceremony and several conferences that will address innovation. Creativity from exhibitors will also be on display, in supplier booths.

Visitors can expect to discover aerosol and packaging innovations at the Innovation Awards Ceremony, which will be held in the PCD Conference Room, September 6 at 4:30pm. Entries that were shortlisted as potential winners can be found at www.easyfairs.com/pcd-adf-ny-2017/adf-pcd-new-york-2017/awards/.

Innovation will also be a hot topic at Conferences. Attendees can learn how to source innovation using LinkedIn at a session conducted by Pamella Seales from LinkedIn, and participate in a discussion called “Creating Truly Innovative Beauty Packaging,” featuring Laszlo Moharita, Director of Global Beauty Packaging from Johnson & Johnson. Bernhard Felten, Procurement Global Category Manager Aerosol Packaging of Beiersdorf, will chair a session on aerosols entitled “Technical Advances and Innovation.” The complete conference schedules can be viewed at www.easyfairs.com/pcd-adf-ny-2017/adf-pcd-new-york-2017/conferences/.

The 130 suppliers exhibiting at the show will also be displaying innovations in their booths. Visitors can expect to see applicators & dispensing technologies, suppliers of color management & packaging digital workflow, paper, cardboard plastic, metal, glass, valves, pumps, BOVs, labels, inserts, can makers, filling and packaging machinery and more. For a full list of exhibitors visit www.easyfairs.com/pcd-adf-ny-2017/adf-pcd-new-york-2017/exhibitors/exhibitor-catalogue/.

Here is a preview of some of the innovative products and capabilities from exhibitors – including cans, caps, jars, technology, manufacturing capabilities, and more –  that will be on display at the show...

Glass Jar for Thalgo Prodige des Océans La Crème / GERRESHEIMER  Booth E24
The cream is set off by an exclusive glass jar featuring graduated hues of blue, screen printing and silver hot by the unrivalled filling technique using glass. The weight of the glass and the choice of an elliptical design allow it to perfectly capture and harmoniously reflect the light. This unique glass jewel is adorned with a silver metal cap which brings out its majesty. The cream is protected by a beautiful domed lid which keeps the brand’s latest gem safely enclosed.

Haumiller Engineering machines are specifically designed to run today’s overcap designs. With the need to reduce plastic and therefore wall thicknesses, the caps are often misshapen; the Collet design straightens and stabilizes these caps for proper assembly. The designs also provides effective assembly of all spray-through caps. Can-to cap orientation is available. This machine is also a great option for liquid filling lines requiring snap-cap applications.

The Mega Former No 40.4 XI / HINTERKOPF Booth A26
The new necking machine type N40.4 XL marks another milestone development. A revolutionary feature of the new necking machine is its ability to process cans with diameter up to 88mm and 1mm wall thickness. The powerful new machine is ideally suited for specialized products such as fire extinguishers, whipped cream cans and for processing of high strength alloys. With these types of cans, the powerful new machine applies its impressive forming force of up to 98kN.

selfLAN Inline Pressure Sensitive Labeler / LANGGUTH AMERICA Booth D25
The inline selfLAN® 510 Pressure Sensitive Labeler with one or multiple label heads provides unmatched flexibility in running pressure sensitive labels with multiple container shapes. selfLAN® 510 uses our robust inline frame with state-of-the-art pressure sensitive heads. Whether applying a single label to a round container or front and back labels to a more complex container, the selfLAN 510 delivers simplicity and high output.

Custom Shaped Aluminum Bottles / MONTEBELLO PACKAGING INC. Booth G28
Blow-molded aluminum bottles allow for shapes never available before with all the benefits of metal packaging. Custom Shaped Aluminum Bottles is a proprietary and patented new packaging technology which allows beverage and consumer product manufacturers to design aluminum bottles with shaped features similar to plastic blow-molded bottles, yet with all the features and benefits of aluminum packaging.

150ml Aerosol Can for Dove / MORAVIA CANS a.s.  Booth C34
A world first from Moravia Cans, the Dove 150ml aerosol can was shaped using the D&L process which allows for the manufacture of custom shaped cans.

Jar and Cap for Re-Nutriv by Estèe Lauder / SEIDEL Booth D20
Seidel’s challenge was to develop a unique jar shape with an extraordinary cap. The shape of the jar is the most complicated design Seidel has made for serial production. The jar’s unique shape moves from a squared bottom over a negative tapered lateral surface to a round top. This was achieved by a very complex transfer press tool. The jar is topped off by an extraordinary cap which includes a lens with a mirrored funnel shape below. The outer lateral surface consists of a high shiny aluminum and is extended by a silver metallized ring at the bottom. The jar is also anodized in custom shiny gold and matches the brand’s luxurious perception perfectly.

NFC-Connected Packaging Decoration / SERAM Booth E23
Seram is launching a full range of NFC-capable decorations for packaging that can bring consumer experience to a whole new level. Decorations are the perfect vector for connectivity: a perfect way to elegantly and discreetly add connectivity to packaging, they are also easy to add for the duration of promotional or seasonal operation.

Vioelegance Cap / VIOCAP (MEPLAST) Booth D34
This high-tech actuator fits on 1-inch valve and consists of five parts. It looks simple yet is full of resources. Start to turn its magic drum and a lift button comes up and it is ready to use. A press the button reveals the softness of cotton.

Find out more information here. www.easyfairs.com/pcd-adf-ny-2017/adf-pcd-new-york-2017/exhibitors/innovation-gallery)

For more information about the show, visit www.adf-pcd.com

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