Redesigning the Dropper for a Sustainable Future

  • F.S.Korea Industries, Inc.

FS Korea is continually innovating its collection of cosmetic components and beauty solutions to be more sustainable, user-friendly, and above all, recyclable. With the release of two new environmentally-friendly droppers, the PE Eco Dropper and SLDR Seamless Dropper, the company is your path to a greener skin care and beauty line.

The bottles for both droppers are made from highly recylable glass. The glass bottles are available in a variety of volumes. Customize the color and finishes of the glass to make the dropper bottle your own. 

PE Eco Dropper

The PE Eco dropper features a push-button dropper cap with no metal spring. In fact, the dropper is formed of only 2 materials - PE(Cap) and PETG(pipette).

The commonly used NBR rubber which is used for the dropper has been replaced by PE plastic to help increase the recycling rate. At its end use, consumers only need to take off the pipette to recycle the entire pack.

This pack is also available with a PP plastic cap. 

SLDR Seamless Dropper

The sleek, modern look of the SLDR Seamless Dropper isn’t just visually striking, it is also more sustainable.

The bulb and the cap are not separate, like most dropper caps. Instead, it is all together in one body. Consumers can now easily recycle the dropper by only separating the pipette out from the cap.

FS Korea supplies the latest in cosmetic solutions to its international clientele. With designs focused on bringing the beauty industry into the circular economy, the company is making recycling easier with each new product.

Interested in guaranteeing the recyclability of your beauty products? Contact FS Korea today.

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