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Not everyone’s lashes respond to one type of mascara wand, so FS Korea provides you with a wide range to meet your specific need. Find a variety of slim makeup brushes at FS Korea that cater to mascaras and specialist eyebrow products.

Within the collection, you can find 6 different shapes and styles of brushes each with its own functionality.

For example, those with short lashes may not see the same results when using certain lengthening treatments and in this case, a long, thin short-bristled brush will focus on covering the lashes you do have with an amble amount of formula. FS Korea offers 3 types of slim round brushes the SS-C, SS-C2 and SS-C3, each with its own twisted wire bristle style.  

For the perfectionists among us, sometimes a large brush does not deliver our exact intention to the lashes, so FS Korea has designed a round brush around half the length of conventional sizes, the SS-CT. This mini brush can be used to control individual sections and see more control when applying to the bottom lashes. The new shorter size also opens up the possibility for the brush to be used for a number of eyebrow cosmetics, including home kit lamination, dyes and gels.

With the SS-B Bread-shaped brush, you have the best of both worlds. One side demonstrates more depth of bristles to accommodate an impactful top set, while the other more shallow side works effectively for the bottom lashes.

Now to really pull out your lashes’ length and encourage a natural-looking curl, try the jumbo spiral SS-BD. The spiral formation of the bristles combs through your lashes to a great bouncy curl while the large surface area holds a generous amount of formula to create notable volume.

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