Ping Pong Cosmetic Brushes: For Foundation

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FS Korea is an expert in designing and providing cosmetic tools and packaging, with specialist designs and functions. The collection of Ping Pong Cosmetic Brushes includes 7 styles each catering to specific functions, using different shapes and cuts of brushes. 

Coming in 3 sizes, you will find brushes for blushers, contours,  foundations and highlights in three sizes ranging from small to large. There are innovative designs for multi-directional blending, seamless blending, effortless application of shade, contour and highlights.

Paired with an ergonomic handle, the Ping Pong Brush is a must-have tool for makeup kits. 

Brushes for Foundation, Contour, Powder and Highlight

Soft Curve

For foundation and contour, FS Korea has created the Soft Curve Ping Pong brush that works to deliver an even finish by lightly attaching to facial curves, to be swept from the center to the outer surfaces. Then for a flawless finish, use the brush vertically from top to bottom.  

Flat Angled

The Flat Angled Brush is geared towards foundation application by putting the proper amount of formula and softly sweeping the brush while attached to the skin. You can use the brush tip to softly apply on the areas that require a more delicate touch such as lower eyelids and nasal sidewalls.

Flat Round

The Flat Round is ideal for foundation and face powder with its full round design. Place the product on the side of the brush and then blend in one direction for fuller coverage. You can then use the clean side to buff off any excess product or sheer out coverage.

There is also the potential to use the Flat Round as a contour and bronzer brush by placing the product on half of the brush’s tip and blending in an angular motion in one direction.

Light Coverage

Another option for foundation and contour is the Light Coverage style that ensures a gorgeous, sheer finish with streak-free application. The large full brush used for the lightweight application and blending of face powder of pigment that works especially well with mineralized products for a poreless finish look. Use the Light Coverage brush to create soft layers or add texture.

For more cosmetic brushes see the catalog or contact FS Korea

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