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Gerresheimer named MINT Minded Company

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Gerresheimer has been crowned a "MINT Minded Company" this year for the first time by audimax Medien GmbH and the "MINT Zukunft schaffen" ("Creating a future with MINT") initiative. The abbreviation MINT stands for academic subjects and professions in mathematics, computer science, the sciences and technology. Gerresheimer trains around 150 school leavers in over twenty different professions at its plants across Germany every year. Good grades in the so-called MINT subjects are an important stepping stone for successful entry into most careers at Gerresheimer, including for process engineering apprentices and students on the dual BEng degree in mechanical engineering or plastics and rubber engineering.

"We are especially proud of this award because, as a traditional B2B company, it really means a lot to us to be recognized as an attractive place to begin a MINT career," says Thomas Perlitz, Global Senior Vice President for Human Resources, adding that training managers at the plants have already been working hard for several years to successfully recruit, train and encourage talented young people – efforts that are now paying off.

The seven Gerresheimer training centers in Germany offer training in the following MINT professions: Electronics engineer for industrial engineering, system integration computer scientist, industrial electrician, industrial mechanic, mechatronics engineer, screen printing media technologist, technical product designer, process engineer for glass technology, process engineer for plastics and rubber technology, tool mechanic and cutting machine operator.

Glass made in Germany – IHK award for best in year

Gerresheimer's sites, some of which have been home to production facilities for glass packaging for several centuries, include Gerresheimer Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia), Lohr (Bavaria, Lower Franconia), Tettau (Bavaria, Upper Franconia) and Wertheim (Baden-Württemberg). Of course, these plants still boast state-of-the-art technology today, with modern and environmentally friendly production facilities. Gerresheimer's production processes are defined down to the last detail, ensuring safety and allowing it to meet the high quality requirements of its customers, the majority of whom come from the pharmaceutical industry. Stringent, multilevel quality controls ensure that only flawless amber and clear glass bottles are supplied to customers. Gerresheimer's stated aim is to achieve almost error-free production, which requires reliable, experienced and skilled staff more than anything else. That's why the company places great value on training its future specialist staff and managers. This is also clear from the fact that some Gerresheimer apprentices turn out to be the best in the year in their respective chambers of industry and commerce at the end of their training, including Ludwig Fietz, who is now working as an industrial electrician at the "cold end" in Lohr. His colleague, Martin Rinaldi, who now works as a glass process engineer at the "hot end", managed the same feat.

Gerresheimer Medial Systems in Pfreimd and Wackersdorf, Bavaria
Gerresheimer Medical Systems manufactures high-quality medical products from plastic in the Upper Palatinate, including inhalers and insulin pens. Among its high-tech pieces of equipment are modern injection molding machines, assembly machines and testing devices. Even more important, however, are the efficiency of its processes and the outstanding work of its staff that make for top-quality products. The center primarily trains process engineers for plastics and rubber technology.
The benefits of a dual training system are now generating a great deal of interest in the US too. Managers from three technical colleges in the US state of Georgia visited Gerresheimer's sites in Wackersdorf and Pfreimd in December 2016. The aim of the visit was for Gerresheimer to introduce its American guests to the exemplary German training system with its close-knit network of schools, universities and companies in order to introduce a similar set-up at Gerresheimer's site in Peachtree City in future.

Gerresheimer Bünde, North Rhine-Westphalia
Syringes for pharma companies around the world are manufactured at Gerresheimer's Bünde plant in East Westphalia, where apprentices train to become electronics engineers for industrial engineering and industrial mechanics. The course combines theory with practice and enables students to progress towards a BEng in electrical engineering.

Anyone gaining a vocational qualification at Gerresheimer has a good chance of finding employment there after passing their exams because the company trains up the people it needs itself. The same applies to applicants keen to follow a dual curriculum. Earlier this year, Gerresheimer launched GxGo!, a trainee program for young professionals targeted at university graduate.

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Gerresheimer is investing in a new plant in Skopje, North Macedonia, for medical plastic systems and syringes

Gerresheimer is investing a mid-double-digit million Euro figure in the new plant in the North Macedonian capital of Skopje, an amount that is already included in the company’s medium-term investment plans. Construction is beginning in the first half of 2019, with completion scheduled for the first half of 2020. It is expected that start of production will take place in the second half of 2020.

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