Innovative packaging and easy administration of medications

When it comes to packaging, safely storing and administering medications, biologics, and vaccines simply and sustainably, Gerresheimer is always a good address and an accomplished partner in the American market.

At CFI North America from August 10-12, the company will be exhibiting primary packaging such as injection vials and other containers made of glass and plastic for solid and liquid medications as well as syringes which protect against needlestick injuries at booth 1313 in the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Best in class - Gx Elite Vials set a new standard
The Gx Elite vials are the result of a careful product development process spanning several years. The primary focus for was to provide a Type I vial made of borosilicate glass that would be a safer product for the customer and the patient. The highly shatter-resistant vials are extremely durable, free of cosmetic defects and can be customized for specialized customer requirements. Gx Elite Glass vials are produced using the quality by design (QbD) approach that creates a product that will exceed customers’ expectations.

A combination of design, manufacturing, and handling improvements along with specialized final packaging also ensures that the vials can be supplied for end-to-end use on various filling lines. These types of improvements make it possible for our customers to supply products to the market as needed and reduce costs for the industry, which will ultimately help everyone. Gx Elite vials, which meet all existing regulatory requirements worldwide, are also available in RTF (ready-to-fill) format.

Ready for filling - Gx RTF Vials for clinical trials
The Gx RTF injection vials are made of borosilicate glass type I and meet all common requirements of the applicable ISO standards and pharmacopoeias (USP and Ph. Eur.). They are formed in accordance with cGMP, washed in a clean room, packaged in trays or nests and tubs and sterilized. Gerresheimer RTF vials are also supplied in the familiar Ompi EZ-fill or any other packaging format. This means they are ready for the next process steps in filling.

The advantages are obvious: sterile delivery, a simplified filling and finishing process, the highest quality standards, flexibility thanks to various packaging configurations and a wide range of filling and sealing technologies. This all adds up to an improvement in overall manufacturing costs over the product life cycle.

For your eyes only - Dropper bottle systems for ophthalmic drugs
Often it is only the small improvements that make a product ideal for the application. The design was developed specifically for the US market. Many people must take eye drops several times a day, so it is important that these bottles work reliably until the last drop. One example is the new dropper bottle system E / F with different closure solutions - a closure where the tamper-evident ring (TE) remains attached to the bottle after opening (system E) and a sleeved cap (system F). They can be supplied already sterilized (gamma irradiated) or packaged for sterilization only.

RTU COP Vials for injectable and diagnostic products
RTU COP (Cyclic Olefin Polymer) vials combine the best features of plastic and glass packaging for liquid drugs. With their high break strength, inert resin material and high transparency, they are an ideal packaging solution for cell and gene therapy products. The vials offer an inert contact surface and have been proven in various pharmaceutical applications in the market. They also provide manufacturers of toxic or high potency drug solutions with a unique packaging safety feature. The monolayer plastic vials are offered in a standard ISO-like format in 2-, 5-, 10-, 50- and 100-ml sizes.

Gx InnoSafe: More safety from needlestick injuries
With their exposed needles, used syringes are an omnipresent source of danger in doctors' surgeries, laboratories and hospitals. With Gx InnoSafe, Gerresheimer now offers a syringe with an integrated, passive safety system which prevents unintentional needle-stick injuries.

Gx RTF ClearJect: Gerresheimer produces COP syringes in Germany
Gerresheimer presents its newly developed Gx RTF ClearJect brand: a COP syringe with cannula. The prefillable syringes are produced at the German plant in Pfreimd from the high-performance plastic COP (cyclo-olefin polymer) and are particularly suitable for sophisticated, sensitive medications and high-viscosity active ingredients.

Caption: Gerresheimer produces numerous products for the pharma world in cleanroom environments.

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Gerresheimer is investing in a new plant in Skopje, North Macedonia, for medical plastic systems and syringes

Gerresheimer is investing a mid-double-digit million Euro figure in the new plant in the North Macedonian capital of Skopje, an amount that is already included in the company’s medium-term investment plans. Construction is beginning in the first half of 2019, with completion scheduled for the first half of 2020. It is expected that start of production will take place in the second half of 2020.

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