Gerresheimer's Duma Pocket fits through many mailboxes

Tablets that you need can be sent directly to your home. The trouble is, the dimensions of your order sometimes mean that it can’t fit through your mailbox. This often means you have to go out of your way to collect it – time you’d much rather be using to do something else.

“The Duma Pocket containers have a flat, oval design,” says Niels Düring, Global Executive Vice President Plastic Packaging. “This allows them to fit through most mailboxes in the world so that nobody needs to travel unnecessary distances anymore. That is why we recommend our Duma Pocket containers to all customers and interested parties that predominantly deliver to their customers by mail and distribute their products online.”

The handy Duma Pocket tablet containers are well-known for being drugs containers that fit into any bag. Because they are oval, they don't take up much space. Another great feature is that it can't open itself when it's inside a bag. It’s irritating when this happens and the tablets become loose. This is also beneficial when sending the product to users in the mail. This avoids complaints.

With child-resistant features

Duma Pocket is a versatile packaging idea by the plastic specialists at Gerresheimer and can be supplied in many variants, colors and sizes. Some of the Duma Pocket products can be supplied with a child-resistant (CR) feature.

Different sizes and moisture protected

The Duma Pocket products are available in 30ml, 40ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes. The Duma Pocket CR 100 can be used to dispense tablets and a desiccant in the base reliably absorbs moisture. Like all other Duma Pocket products, Duma Pocket CR 100 is made of polypropylene (PP).

Lots of space for branding

The side surfaces of the oval shape are useful for displaying consumer information, and they are also large enough for distinctive branding.

All colors

The container can be manufactured in any color, even in translucent or transparent. The Duma Pocket products are manufactured with an injection moulding process under clean conditions.

Duma Pocket is FDA registered, DMF type III, DMF no. 12077.

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