Flat Jars in PP and PCR: The Complete Line

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Flat, the complete and versatile line

In 11 different capacities, ranging from 5 cc to 250 cc, the line of double-walled jars in PP demonstrates all its versatility and completeness.

All Flat jars comply with the COSMOS standard and can be made of PCR with recycled material.

You can customize them by choosing from the numerous colors available and decorate them with offset printing, silk screen printing and hot printing to obtain decorations of impeccable quality.

Travel size for skin care lines

The small sizes of the Flat line, 5 cc, 10 cc, 15 cc, 25 cc, 30 cc and 50 cc, are the perfect solution for your skin care products.
They enhances face creams and masks, scrubs, eye contour treatments, lip balms and testers thanks to a Made in Italy packaging of high quality.

Do you have a project in mind?

We will help you develop your product line according to your specific needs.

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