Spectacle of Nature: Sustainability in plastic packaging

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Inspired by the spectacular colors of nature, this project aimed to develop visually fascinating colors in a new range of sustainable plastic packaging. A collaboration between 6 companies made it possible, from tube and flip-top production to incorporation of color-travel effect pigments, tube filling and sustainable laser marking; together we found a solution that is both, financially efficient and easy-to-recycle:

  • Designed for the use of less material, but keeping the same level of tube robustness.
  • Produced with mono-materials for easy recycling.
  • Made for easy waste seperation: black closures are made of NIR black.

We at KM Packaging are part of this great project! Why? Because we are consistently working on new solutions to optimize our processes and products in a sustainable way. For you and the environment.

Joining forces with our partners

Merck provides Colorstream® effect pigments for packaging, Iriotec® laser-sensitive pigments for durable laser marking and Ronastar® pigments that veil shower gel in liquid shimmer. Gabriel-Chemie developed the masterbatch while Tupack produced the cosmetic plastic tubes. We, KM Packaging, offer the Flip-top closure manufacturing to open and close the tubes. Finally, Emil Kiessling fills each tube with shower gel and beLaser marks the flip-top closures and/or tubes with suitable laser marking technology.

We look forward to designing more sustainable and attractive packaging together! Contact us and be inspired for your next packaging project!

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