KM's closures for aluminum tubes are the perfect solution for creams and ointments

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KM Packaging focuses on the development and production of high-quality and innovative cap solutions for tubes, bottles, jars, and other packaging materials. The company owns and operates some of the latest machinery available in the industry. Its extensive expertise enables it to guarantee the best possible product quality and reliability on the market.

As part of its SEU (significant energy use) management strategy, it has replaced old injection molding machines with modern hybrid and all-electric solutions and has also insulated its injection units. To ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable production conditions, enhanced cooling and waste heat utilization systems have been integrated as well.

Among the wide range of options available, KM's closures for aluminum tubes stand out, as they are especially used in the field of pharmaceuticals for creams and ointments. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, they are the best option for viscous products.

Optional also with piercing mandrel available.

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