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Settling with good results is never enough. KM Packaging knows there's always room for improvement, and while striving to achive perfect design processes, has recently acquired a Tomoscope XS FOV 500 by Werth Messtechnik. The new machine will take the company to another level in terms of measurement technology.

With this computer tomography technology, KM Packaging will not only be able to provide excellent measurement results, but also, in the shortest possible time, professional analysis results for its customers. Even the smallest dimensional deviations can be detected and taken into account directly in the design process before the final moulds are built.

Features such as fits to another medium or the interaction of assembled parts can be easily analysed. In addition, surface comparisons, cross-sections, volume sectional images or simple distance measurements can also be carried out in 2D.

Delivering an outstanding closure for any packaging solution is the key to the company's success. That's why for KM, perfecting measurements will always be a must.

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  • Modified 04 Aug 2022
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