Ensure Product Safety with KM Packaging's Caps and Closures

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KM Packaging stands for a wide range of standard caps and customized system solutions as well as for the highest quality and expertise in development and mould building. The compnay offers a wide range of caps, closures, and dosing aids to its customers.

When it comes to dispensing closures, particularly the use of nozzles for the direct application of pharmaceuticals and topical treatments, it is of the utmost importance to properly handle the dispensing tip. The hygienic maneuvering of every component ensures any formula acts as it's intended to and the target area is not subjected to any form of contamination. That's why caps for nozzles cannot become a second thought during development.

KM Packaging's cap for insert nozzles follows the exact same process and dedication as any of the other company's innovations, making it the ideal solution to keep insert nozzles clean and protected while a product is being used. The twist off ensures the product is properly sealed and the nozzle is kept safe from foreign contaminants.

Get in touch now and learn more about KM Packaging's portfolio of high-quality cap and closure solutions.

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